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Holster Break In

Your Holster will probably be stiff and tight when you first receive it but will break in on its own with normal use. To accelerate the break-in process.

  • Leave your UNLOADED handgun in the holster for at least 24 hours to help stretch the leather. It is normal for the holster to be tight at first. This is so after the break-in, the holster will not be too loose and will have proper retention.  
  • ​In some cases, if the holster is extremely tight, you can use the 3-mil plastic bag that your holster came in or a similar style storage freezer bag or wax paper (waxy side out towards the leather). Place your UNLOADED handgun in the bag. Carefully insert the bagged handgun into the holster.  This may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to even up to a week or more (depending on how loose of a draw you may prefer) but this should stretch the holster a few thousand of an inch. Periodically check it until the fit feels right. 


Holster Care & Maintenance

Your leather holster needs minimal care and maintenance throughout its service life.

  • If you find it necessary to clean your holster, use a hard bar of glycerin soap or saddle soap and a small amount of water, work the soap into a lather, and gently rub the surface of the leather with the lather. Gently wipe off with a soft cloth. Be careful to avoid the over-application of water.
  • If your product should become dry or scratched, from years of hard use you can treat the exterior with a commercial leather dressing that does not contain lacquer such as Pecard Leather Dressing or Fiebing's Aussie Leather Conditioner. Please use sparingly. 
    • Be cautious when using oils or dressing - too much will soften the leather to the point your holster will no longer retain your weapon. 
    • I highly recommend Renaissance Wax for monthly or quarterly cleaning and restoration of your leather. The best product that I have found on the market. Renaissance wax can be used on leather, wood, and even metal firearms.
    • You can also use a neutral shoe polish such as Angelus #400 neutral shoe wax polish or Kiwi neutral shoe polish if you cannot get your hands on Renaissance Wax. This will also help in maintaining a lustrous appearance in your leather.
  • Store leather in a cool dry place. High humidity can cause mildew, while dry heat and direct sunlight can cause drying and cracking. If your product becomes water-soaked allow it to dry at room temperature and do not dry with direct heat. Use a fan without heat.
  • ​Treat the interior of your holster with silicone to help protect against excess moisture. I highly recommend KG 9 Micro-PTFE Leather Kote or Mitch Rosen's Leather Lightning. This also slicks up the interior of the holster for a faster draw.
  • If you leave your handgun in the holster or other product, check it daily for moisture, condensation, or corrosion. 

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