Nightingale Leather Co.

Hand-Made High-Quality Leather Goods

Current Lead Time is Approximately 24 Weeks.

Nightingale Leather Co. Goods

Nightingale Leather has a steady focus on the personalization of high-quality leather goods. Since Kevin is a one-man shop, completing handmade personalized orders, the lead time in completing orders tends to be on the high side. However, our customers are always more than pleased with the resulting superior product delivered.

Occasionally, we will have ‘in-stock’ items available on our website. These items are also of the highest handmade quality, but all the modifications have been selected by Kevin and are based on the prominence of current personalized orders. Although these items are in stock and ship within 24 hours, the same meticulous Nightingale Leather standards are upheld.

You can create your own personalized high-quality handmade leather goods with us or shop for our in-stock high-quality handmade items.  Either way, your delivered Nightingale Leather goods are of the ultimate quality. Thank you and enjoy your visit.




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