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December, 2023


I have been carrying a concealed firearm for 40 years this year. I have used every popular brand of holster out there including Bianchi (the old original stuff), Safariland, Galco, Crossbreed, Raven, Mitch Rosen, and Milt Sparks… None of them come close to yours in quality, comfort, and usability!

Your holsters and mag pouches are a work of art and I almost hesitated to put them on because they are so beautifully made.

I have carried the Peregrine constantly since I received it last week, it is the perfect summer holster. It conceals the Glock 34 in a way that no other holster does with a perfect rake. I cannot recommend this model highly enough for large double-stacked pistols. I am also so pleased that I chose the rough-out finish for this. It helps retain the holster so much better inside the waistband.

The Osprey will have to wait a little for cooler weather before I can give it a full workout out but wearing it around the house shows it to be such a delight, with a super-fast draw.

The mag holders are perfect, and the pocket holster is already doing daily EDC duty.

I am so very grateful to you for taking my order, I know that international shipping can be
very painful, and I am most appreciative of your excellent communication!

- Steven Lewis

Cape Town, South Africa

  • What an awesome rig!

    “I've always wanted a nice shoulder rig and have spent years looking for the perfect one. When I found Nightingale Leather I knew my search was over. I ordered this rig for my Dan Wesson Specialist 1911. The quality and craftsmanship are the nicest I've ever seen, and I've owned quite a few custom leather holsters. The wait was excruciating but definitely worth it. Kevin is an absolute artist, and I will definitely be ordering from him again.”

    – Jeremy Allred

  • Great Holsters

    “I bought my holster almost 4 years ago and it's still in great condition. I use it every day and I can honestly say that it is the best holster I've ever gotten. Great craftsmanship and quality materials make it the most comfortable holster for everyday use. Sometimes I forget that I have it on. I'm on the website now to buy another holster for another pistol and decided t write this review because I believe that anyone who is looking for a top-notch holster won't be disappointed with any of these.” – Javier Melendez

  • Superb Craftsmanship

    "This is one of the finest holsters I have ever used. Kevin was nice enough to give me the option to add a thumb-break to fit department policy. I must admit, I was nervous about the snaps at first and if they would stay snapped/secure the holster in place but they are rock-solid and I would not be able to open them without direct intent. It's a shame to have to carry this concealed." - Brian Baer

  • Great Holster

    "This is a really nice holster. Very comfortable. I have had this holster about a year and no problems. ”

    – William Collins

  • I like these holsters so much, I have 5 of them!

    "I am simply not a fan of kydex holsters, especially for a pistol as fine as a 1911. A 1911 deserves to spend time in quality leather and Nightingale is quality leather."

    - Edmond Lau

  • Best Holsters!

    "This is the only place I get my leather holsters. He does a fantastic job and always delivers a great product." - Steve Anderson